Happy Chatter and the NSCP

This post begins with a hat-tip to askegg and his post of the same name at http://www.godless.biz/2011/02/18/happy-chatter-and-the-nscp/. It makes for an interesting read, and examines the legal basis for the termination of the National Schools Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). In that post, askegg quotes extensively from “Happy Chatter” and in this my post I explore some personal views as to some of the possible motives behind the current movement to get the NSCP declared illegal.

By way of setting the scene, I start with the observation that I have lost count of the number of people who have been psychologically abused by people of a religious persuasion seeking to ram into their victims’ mind the notions of God, Heaven, and Hell. This is not to say that everybody of a religious persuasion does this, but there is a sufficiently worrying number of people who do so – they are typically religious zealots.

Now enter the Vatican, and its handing of the matter of paedophiles. It is by now obvious that for decades the Vatican has known that this form of abuse has been going on, and has been engaging in practices that have resulted in the perpetuation of this evil. Even today, the Vatican’s attempts to control this issue can only be described as pathetically inadequate; they are on a par with trying to control a raging bush fire armed with only a water pistol. It is manifestly incapable of policing itself.

Back to the NSCP: There is the obscenity of the claim that “DNA wasn’t invented [at the time of the dinosaurs]” as described by notoreligion at http://notoreligion.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/dna-wasnt-invented-then/ which is clearly an utterance from a religious zealot. What this demonstrates is that the chaplains employed under the NSCP are no more capable of policing themselves than the Vatican is (in!)capable of policing its paedophiles.

It should then come as no surprise that average Aussie has the motive to rid this country of this scourge.


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